Sarabhai vs Sarabhai


My Rating: 10/10

Written by – Aatish Kapadia
Directed by – Deven Bhojani

Starring – Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly, Rajesh Kumar, Deven Bhojani, Arvind Vaidya, Rita Bhaduri

I recently finished watching Sarabhai vs Sarabhai with my sister.

It was refreshing to see a hindi series that was not a stupid and over-the-top melodrama like the K-serials, and so many others that fill the television channels these days.

It’s a light-hearted comedy show about a family,  with some saas-bahu nok-jhonk (that’s not at all offensive or belittling to any party) too. The actors have done a great job,  and none of the episode stories is cliché or boring.


Maya Sarabhai

Maya and Indravadan Sarabhai live with their son Rosesh in an apartment.  Across the hall, in front of their apartment, is the apartment where their son Sahil and daughter-in-law Monisha live.

Maya (Ratna Pathak) is shown to behave like a hypocrite who takes pride in her family’s “high-society” status. She was not very happy when her son Sahil fell in love with a “middle class” girl Manisha. She agreed to the marriage


on seeing how much her son loved Manisha, but changed the girl’s name to Monisha because it sounded more “High society”. Maya loves her family (daughter-in-law included), but never lets go any opportunity to criticize her bahu’s “middle class” ways.


Indravadan Sarabhai

Indravadan Sarabhai


Indravadan (Satish Shah)  loves to pull pranks on people,  especially his wife. He  loves to criticize his son Rosesh,  and his favourite member of the family is his  bahu Monisha.




Rosesh (Rajesh Kumar) is a mamma’s boy. He loves to write poetry, but people find listening to his poetry very frustrating.  He also keeps taking part in plays where he never gets to deliver dialogues, and is given roles like ‘milk can’, ‘train’,’elephant’, etc.

Rosesh & Maya Sarabhai

Rosesh & Maya Sarabhai

Sahil Sarabhai

Sahil Sarabhai







Sahil (Sumeet Raghavan) is a doctor. He seems to be the most normal in this family of strange characters.  :p

Monisha (Rupali Ganguly) is the queen of bargaining. She even bargains with robbers and kidnappers. She’s a terrible cook and most meals

Monisha Sarabhai

Monisha Sarabhai

in her house are stale food. She has a low hygiene sense, with her house full of pests and stuff strewn around the house. Her favourite serial is “uska pati sirf mera hai” (I love to think that’s a dig on k-serials 😀 ). Monisha is fun-loving and has a very good rapport with her father-in-law. She also is very friendly and helpful in her own way, although she’d take money even for the sugar her neighbour wanted to borrow.

The other major characters are – Madhusudhan bhai, and Maya’s son-in-law Dushyant.

Madhusudhan bhai (Arvind Vaidya) is almost deaf and is ceaselessly asking people (to their frustration) to repeat what they just said,  even when they had not been talking to him.



Dushyant (Deven Bhojani) is the engineer guy who is more interested in the health of machines than he is in the health of other people. For instance, when Rosesh has an accident and hurts someone, Dushyant is more interested in whether the car was scratched than in the extent of hurt inflicted on the person hit by the car.

Sonya, Maya’s daughter comes in a few episodes, but is not a major character.

The series is awesome because of all of the characters in it, and their relationships with each other. Unlike so many other serials,  no character is defined as a villian/vamp. It’s just the family-next-door, with so many varied personalities,  trying to live together in harmony. All the characters are special, and there’s no hero-heroine concept.

It’s sad that they never made a second season of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai,  but great that season 1 had 70 episodes.

More soaps like “Sarabhai vs Sarabhai” should be made in India. It would be an ideal world where all stupid, illogical serials stop airing on TV, and are replaced by stuff like this.


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