Oh! I’m choking!

At times, I feel I have outgrown this society I grew up in. I can no longer understand people’s need to judge anyone for their nationality, region, religion, economic background, dressing sense, actions,  or anything that they do in their life. Not that I had understood it before, I had just not thought anything about it.

Now, that I’ve opened up my mind and started following the life decision of “live and let live”, I understand how orthodox my environment was when I was growing up.

I make conscious decisions each day not to judge anyone whether they are running away from home for marrying,  or living in with their partner, doing drugs,  or dressing up in a way I was taught was not appropriate.

How the hell do you get the right to pass a judgement on anyone!  It’s their life!! You can live your life however you want. You think something is not appropriate?  Don’t do it. But don’t you try enforce your beliefs on anyone else,  even if they are your children.  You think your child is going down the wrong path? Tell him what you think is the right path, and then let him/her decide what he/she wants to do. Do not Judge!!

Each of us has our demons to fight. We already have enough of our own problems without you bothering us about what we should or should not do. You might also be doing something some other person doesn’t approve of. But, should you stop doing it just for those people who sit and pass judgements,  and wouldn’t really care whether you end up dead. The answer,  by the way,  should be No.

As I said before,  each of us has our demons to fight. Each of us must make mistakes to learn. That’s what we came to earth for. To live and learn. Each person you see walking down the street is trying to get through life in the way they think is best for them.
Do you know each and every tragedy and breakdown that a person has been through – the one you just passed your judgement on?

I get terribly upset when someone passes a judgement on anyone – even if the person being criticized is a stranger to me. How dare you generalize and say all people from a particular region or a nation are stupid or untrustworthy? How dare you criticize the girl who comes to her boyfriend’s house to cook and eat with him? And how do you even care if they even have sex before marriage? Is their action somehow killing you? If so, I’d like you to make me understand how. Because neither did I see a dagger any where near you that could be seen as a possible murder weapon,  nor did I see any bottle of poison lying anywhere nearby?

And what do I hear you say “Immoral”? Who decides that? Pray tell me what is moral and immoral. I don’t see anything immoral in anything that doesn’t cause any harm to someone’s life.

Murder,  kidnapping, molestation,  blackmail, anything that takes anyone’s life or causes anyone to live their life in fear – immoral

Anything else – none of your business!

Got my point? Well, maybe not. But, I don’t really like arguing with people I don’t care about. So…

I sometimes think I may choke up living in this constricting society where everyone is minding everyone’s business.  I hate it! Why can’t everyone just learn to “live and let live”? Life would be so much easier and happier.


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