I’m paying for my wedding

Even though I come from a well-to-do family,  I never liked spending my parent’s money.  That’s why I would sometimes come across to people as a little stingy. And that’s why I loved it when I started earning because I could spend money on myself without feeling guilty of blowing away my parent’s hard-earned money.

It’s not like my parents are not supportive or make me feel guilty.  At times, they have offered to help out with money issues too. But, I just don’t like taking their money.

So, the idea of paying all expenses for my wedding felt to be so my style. In addition to giving me a feeling of independence and adulthood,  the decision makes me happy because I won’t be feeling guilty on a day I should be brimming with happiness.

Initially,  my parents could not understand my decision because they have always heard of parents paying for their children’s weddings.  But, I think they will understand gradually.

There are people in my generation who either pay for their wedding entirely, or take a loan from their parents and pay it back in installments.  But, there are many more people who still do it the traditional way – parents paying and arranging everything for the wedding. Maybe they hadn’t ever thought about it and are following traditions as is, or they just find it convenient and don’t feel guilt like I do.

As for me,  I’m paying and making all the arrangements.  My parents should just sit back and enjoy because that’s what would make me happy.

I also feel strongly that instead of big, lavish wedding,  one should have a simple wedding.  The money you could have travelled the world with – how can you simply throw it down the drain just to show off to the society how much money you can spend.

Does anyone else feel this way too? Let me in on your thoughts.


One thought on “I’m paying for my wedding

  1. You have no idea, how painful the feeling is when I remember about my wedding day. Big lavish and waste of money!!! I couldn’t agree more with each word of your blog but due to unavoidable circumstances I and my family fell prey to the unending demands of society!! (some willingly and some unwillingly)

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