Kumaoni wedding – Tika (Sagai), Sangeet

This post is about day 3 of the celebrations.
To read about the ceremonies held in the previous days, click on the links below.
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Day 2 : Mehndi

The Tika ceremony was held in the morning of Day 3. The house had been decorated with flowers.

flower decoration

Traditionally, in kumaoni engagement ceremony, or tika, the rings are exchanged through families. This is different from the ceremony held by most of the other Indian communities where the rings are directly exchanged between the girl and the boy.

In kumaon, the groom’s younger brother brings the engagement ring to the brides place and slips it into the bride’s ring finger. He also presents her with jewellery, sweets, clothes, and dry fruits. Similarly, the girl’s side also sends the engagement ring and other such things for the groom. This custom might have evolved because earlier the boy and the girl would not step out of their homes in the days just preceding their wedding, to ensure that they did not get involved in some mishap or accident.

Nowadays though, many kumaoni people are changing the way they celebrate an engagement such that the rings are now exchanged between the girl and the boy . In this wedding too, the girl and boy exchanged rings with each other during the Tika (Sagai) ceremony.

A small party of people from the groom’s side (including the groom) came to Didi’s house.
The pandit performed a puja.


After that the Sagai ceremony was held where the bride and groom exchanged rings.


Didi was also given a bichhua, a toe ring that is worn by women. It is most commonly worn on the second toe of the left foot.


In the evening, the Sangeet ceremony was held. Family and friends anyway celebrate through song and dance each day of the celebrations, but the Sangeet is the official song and dance ceremony. Earlier, the Sangeet used to be exclusively for women, but now-a-days, men are also included in the ceremony.


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