Kumaoni wedding – Vidaai

The last day of this year, and I am writing a post on the last day of a wedding celebration – The Vidaai.

To read about the ceremonies held in the previous days, click on the links below.

Day 1 : Ganesh puja & Suwal pathai
Day 2 : Mehndi
Day 3: Tika (Sagai), Sangeet
Day 4: Purwang, Haldi, and the Wedding

Just like the previous days, this day started with a puja too, but this time with the couple as husband and wife. 🙂

Vidai puja

Vidaai literally means ‘Goodbye’, and is the time when the bride formally bids her parents good bye to start a new phase of life with her husband.

The Vidaai is a very emotional moment for the bride, her family, and her friends. While everyone is happy for the bride, there is also a pain of separation.
Now-a-days, the bride is just a phone call away, but in the olden days, she often had to travel far to her husband’s house and wouldn’t get to see her family for years. That is how, I think, the Vidaai became a ritual with teary-eyes.
But, now that most girls already live away from their parents before getting married, I feel they should not be crying because they would already be used to living away from their home and their parents. And the same would go for the parents. Their daughter is still living away as she used to before marriage. Only difference is that she is now living with her life partner, instead of living alone or with her room mates.

Didi hugged her family and friends, and also touched the feet of the elders to seek blessings for the new phase of life that she was stepping into.


Comparing this ceremony with a newly-wed couple’s exit in a Christian wedding, while the christian couple bid farewell to others with huge smiles in their faces, their Hindu wedding counterparts have a slightly ‘serious demenour’, with most brides and their families getting teary-eyed. Such a vast difference in the cultures and their rituals!

Vidai car


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