Maatibaani and their new song Balma!

Rating: 5/5
Composed by Maati Baani
Produced by Kartik Shah, Maati Baani

Vocal – Nirali Kartik, Maati Baani
French Vocal – Mr. Francois
Trumpet – Juan Carranza
Drums – Sarthak Mudgal
Accordion – Sebastian Gerlier
Clarinet – Oleg Lapidus
Sitar – Dhruv Bedi
Gypsy Guitar – Michael Kovalov, Fever Swing
Violin – Etienne Bizjak, Fever Swing
Double Bass – Sahil Warsi
Guitar -Kartik Shah


Maatibaani is an awesome World Music band that combines Hindustani Classical music with Folk music and International music sounds.

The band comprises of Nirali Kartik (who is trained in Hindustani Classical music) as the lead vocalist, and Kartik Shah as the Guitarist.


‘Maatibaani’ means Language of the Earth. Each song is a collaboration with artistes from rural areas, street musicians and top class World music artistes.maatibaani_2

Maatibaani just released a new song as a Christmas release that I’m totally in love with.
‘Balma’, a collaboration between 11 artists from across 5 different countries, is so catchy that I have been listening to it on repeat mode. The song truly transcends international boundaries.

The video is full of fun, and the song speaks about how unifying love is (“1+1+1+1 equals 1”).

Oh!! And it also has part of the song in French (Awesome!!). Combining Hindustani Classical with French, along with all the other instruments makes it really funky and foot-tapping.

Other Credits –
Audio Mixed, Enhanced and Mastered by – Devang Rachh

Pierre and Stephanie, Masala Dosa – FRANCE
Arpit Kubba – INDIA
Achint Bansal – INDIA
Julian Ramirez Ramirez – SPAIN
Vanessa Yao -UK
Fever Swing Friends – NEW ZEALAND


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