Why I don’t like watching movies in cinema halls

cinema hall

When I was young, going to the cinema was kind of a novelty, and I liked it. Over the years, it stopped being a novelty and I started to not like it. Here are my reasons for not liking to go the cinema.

1. Most important, I think it takes away my quality time. If I am meeting up with somebody, I had rather sit and talk with them than sit quietly in a room watching a movie. A movie I could have watched alone when they are not there. It takes away from the time I could have actually spent with them.

2. Tickets are always expensive, and most movies are not worth the money.  Most movies fail to impress on me why they deserved such an expensive ticket. I would rather not go and spend the saved money travelling somewhere.

3. I think only movies with awesome special effects deserve to be watched on a bigger screen.  The rest I can watch on my laptop.

4. When I am watching a movie at home on my laptop, I can take a break whenever I want, eat whatever I want (without shelling out money on the expensive snacks offered in cinemas), and basically still prioritize my time.

Do you like cinema? Why or why not?


3 thoughts on “Why I don’t like watching movies in cinema halls

  1. I agree with you for some of the same reasons, and some different ones. Home theater equipment is actually better than the projection you get in theaters, better multichannel sound, and with a decent flat screen you have the best seat in the house. You can pause the program to pee, the food and seats are better, and you can have conversation if you and a companion want to deconstruct what’s on. If you miss something you can scroll back. If a special effect intrigues you, you can slo-mo down to review it.
    The only reason I ever go to a theater is if the movie lends itself to 3D. Most do not yet. 3D looks best when the objects are unreal or animated. Otherwise, real people and places filmed or converted to 3D are severely reduced in brightness.

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