Writing is a trait in my family.  My grandmother wrote lovely poetry in hindi. My sister writes poems and is a regular blogger. My dad used to make awesome stories on the go, about teddies and barbies and other toys, and narrate them to us when we were children. He has a copy full of really interesting essays written by him that we used to read again and again as kids.Our family loves to play with words.

I just found a writeup on “Words” by some one (couldn’t find the writer’s name). It was so good that I decided to put it into my blog.


Soft words in a lullaby will put a babe to sleep.
Excited words will stir a mob to violence.
Eloquent words will send armies marching into the face of death.
Encouraging words will fan to flame the genius.
Powerful words will mould the public mind as the sculptor moulds his clay.
Words are a dynamic force. Words are swords we use in our battle for success and happiness. How others react towards us depends in a large measure upon the words we speak to them. Life is a great whispering gallery that sends back echoes of the words we send out. Our words are immortal too. They go marching through the years in the lives of all those with whom we come in contact.
When you speak, when you write, remember the creative power of words.


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