We will miss you Robin Williams

Robbin williams

Whenever I would hear the name “Robin Williams”, I always connected it with inspiration. It was a shocking news to hear that he committed suicide. He was an image of strength and inspiration to me, and to lose him to depression was a devastating news.

It’s kind of sad, when I come to think of it, that the movies that first come to my mind when I think of him are “Dead Poet’s Society” and “Patch Adams” – both having a twinge of depression entwined with their stories. But, even in those movies, his character fought the threads of depression with his entire strength.

Depression is a killer, and (according to what I’ve read) affects 1 in 4 people. It is so prevalent, yet it is not acknowledged as a problem that needs to be fought hands-on. Maybe, because of the social stigma it carries (Why?), or maybe, because you’d never know that the person smiling and apparently having fun with you is crying inside, full of pain and lost in darkness.

Looking at Robbin Williams, who made us laugh with his movies, who would have guessed he was battling depression. Sadly, it is mostly those who laugh the most, or make others laugh the most, who are deeply sad inside… But, then again, one cannot generalize. You will never know in which corner the depression hides. It is a dementor. It sucks away life.

I understand depression. It makes everything look pointless, including life. In those times, you need to be strong to keep going. You need to remember to win the fight because there is always someone whose happiness depends on you (whether you know about it or not). Please, please, reach out for help if you have depression. Do not let it win.

I am also sharing another article about this by Seth Adam Smith, who himself had attempted suicide once due to depression. He now works hard at inspiring others to live life to the fullest. kudos to him – Why the Suicide of Robin Williams Matters


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