Book Reading: Rebecca (Abridged version) by Daphne du Maurier

rebecca book cover

Summary of what I felt when I finished the book:

Although I read the abridged version, I loved the book. Will read the complete version someday. The story has very interesting twists and turns that keep you glued to the book.

And, now for the details…

The book is about a girl who falls in love with a dashing, rich widower. She then finds out that life is not always a bed of roses as it seems when you are blinded by the initial falling-in-love phase.

You will never get to know the narrator’s name in this book, which is very unusual for books. I think it’s because that’s how the narrator felt almost throughout the book, like being overshadowed by her husband’s first wife Rebecca. She started believing that everything in their life was about Rebecca.

I could not relate to any of the characters. The narrator was too immature and desperate, her husband Maxim was too dark and complicated, and the rest of the characters were either not portrayed much in detail or were not like-able. The narrator was so desperate for her husband’s love that her happiness entirely depended on his smiles. She did not seem to have any individual identity for herself at all. At times she acted almost crazy, easily manipulated by every one around her. Towards the end, when there is the climax, I got almost shocked by her response to it. I would keep shaking my head with thoughts in the line of ‘What are you even thinking?’

But, in spite of my not being able to relate to the characters, I still loved the book. It was interesting, full of suspense, and kept me turning pages to find out what was next. It would take a great writer to make people read stories about characters they don’t necessarily like. So, I’d say Daphne’s writing is really good, and this book is worth a read. Sadly, I had the abridged version at home, but someday I’ll read the full version.

P.S. I found an awesome and detailed review (warning: it also contains spoilers) about this book in Goodreads. Sharing link here


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