Where is your sensitivity?

A few days back, I heard one of my colleagues talk about a video doing the rounds in WhatsApp – a “funny” video imitating the recent killing of a man by a tiger in a Delhi zoo. I couldn’t understand how it could be funny, and found it appalling to know people found videos about someone’s death funny too. What has happened to us as a people?

Why do people share and watch videos showing people dying? Worse, they even make videos enacting people’s death and laugh about it.

I stay away from watching these videos because they are so disturbing. The world I know is disturbing enough. I may know the news through headlines, but I don’t want to know exact graphic details of how a tiger tore apart a man, or how a flash flood bashed people into rocks. I don’t want to add more to the disturbing things of this world I have to deal with.

What I don’t understand is how people find it engrossing and interesting to watch someone die, and then also share the same disturbing video with everyone else they know. Where is your sensitivity people?

P.S. : About those quick to judge the foolishness of the dead people involved, there is another article here


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