The Maya Musical (A Teach For India Broadway Musical)

maya musical

I went to watch “The Maya Musical” yesterday, and I loved it. Months of hard work was put in by the Teach For India kids and their teachers into the musical, and it showed. Awesome costumes, great Broadway-styled music, good script, and the great acting by the children made it a show to remember. The children, especially the girl cast as the nine-headed snake, were very expressive, and it was a little hard to believe they were acting on a stage for the first time.

The story is about princess Maya who, in order to save her kingdom, has to travel through the world and lift three curses cast upon it using values of courage, compassion, and wisdom. The story stresses that each of us has a light inside us, and each of us is capable of achieving our greatest potential by finding our light.

Mumbai people, there are still two more shows of The Maya Musical to be held in the city on the 8th and 9th of November. Pune has shows on the 14th, 15th, and the 16th of November. You can get your tickets through Book my show

Sadly, my photos aren’t clearer because I didn’t take my camera with me, and shot these pictures with my mobile instead. But, I would agree with what Rodney Bliss says in Why Writers Are Better Than Photographers, and say I was better off without my camera there because I was able to immerse myself into the story, without having to keep thinking about how to capture the next shot. I was able to enjoy the show more. I couldn’t keep myself from taking a few pictures to keep as souvenirs, but I didn’t put much of my thoughts to it.

A very special thanks to Radio ONE Mumbai (94.3) and Teach For India for my tickets (I won them in a contest by Radio ONE)

maya musical

maya musical

maya musical

maya musical


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