Looking back – 2014

For me, the year of 2014 was overall ok (leaning towards good till November, but not ending very good). I will start my 2015 with hope and new vigour though, and work on making myself stronger for facing life’s difficulties and sorrows.

I failed (quite miserably) to complete my Bucket List, although I did complete some items. I could have completed some more this month, but I lost the will due to my state of mind in December. I will carry them forward to my next year bucket list.

But, the year was full of experiences – feeling of helplessness on not being able to walk/run; feeling of elation when I could walk and run without a care again; travel to Goa, Indore, and Rajasthan; studying and learning more about my profession; being part of happy times attending weddings of my friends and sister; being swallowed by sadness due to loss of someone close.

I hope 2015 is richer in positive and happy experiences.

Here’s the Bucket list update –

1. Get engaged – No wedding date fixed yet. Will happen when it happens. Not carrying over as bucket list item.

2. Visit Kerala –  Carry over to 2015 bucket list, because most of my 2014 holidays were spent for weddings or family reasons.

3. Go to Garba Done. Loved being a part of the awesome festivities.

4. See a play – Will go see a play in 2015. But, marking this as done because I did watch a musical this year.

5. Make a list of top 5 people who have positively influenced me, and then write them a letter. – Should have done this. But, didn’t 😦

6. Cook something new for 30 days –  Could only go till 7. The rest of the 23, I will learn in 2015.
Kewa Datshi, Potato Moong Rotla, Bhakri Biscuit, Veggie Fried Rice, Chickpea flour pancake with filling, Simple Spinach rice, Vegetable cutlet

7. Read at least 3 books – Read Rebecca, The Time Keeper, Idle thoughts of an Idle fellow, Don’t make me think, The One Minute Manager Builds High Performing Teams

8. Go to a Disc

9. Go for a massage – was to be ayurvedic massage in Kerala. carry over to 2015

10. Visit Maharashtra’s valley of flowers. – missed the time frame to visit again!

11. Visit my college in Surat


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