Bucket List update: Visit to college and Road Trip

road trip

We went to Surat by road this weekend. So, I am going to mark my Bucket list item “Go for a road trip” as done. I have gone on road trips since I was a child. Those have been happy times for me. So, invariably I love road trips. What holds me back from going on road trips is I do not own a car right now, and that I need company, but am a little choosy about the company I travel with… So, well, this weekend, I went with my parents to Surat.

I also got to visit my college. That’s strike two for my bucket list for the year – “Visit my college in Surat” item done. Yipee!!

SVNIT, my college, has changed a lot (better infrastructure) since I last visited it around 5 years back. The library is still my favourite place. It used to be the place where I would come to be inspired and write poetry.


My favourite library

class room complex - svnit

I’d say it was a nice trip. Struck off two bucket list items for the year too 😀


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