Our Wedding – Photography

This is the second in my series of posts about our wedding.

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Our Wedding – The rings and the invites

I always knew I wanted candid photography on my wedding. I hated the way traditional photographers work with the bride and groom, making the couple go through a series of weird poses that wouldn’t even fit the couple’s personality.

Having come to know about The Cheesecake Project from my sister, and following Stuti (The photographer from The Cheesecake project) for almost 2 years, I had decided I wanted her for my wedding.


Photo Credit: The Cheesecake Project

But, deciding on a photographer is not enough. You have to book them as soon as possible, or there is a chance their dates will fill up for covering some other wedding. As soon as I knew our wedding date, I contacted Stuti to book the dates.

Trying to keep all expenses to a minimum, as I consider most wedding expenses unnecessary and wasteful, I had cut off my budget in most areas. But, photography and food were two areas where I was willing to spend more. Stuti is more expensive than the regular photographers, but she is far better in documenting your memories. In addition to being your photographer, she also plays the role of a friend/bridesmaid when required, showing even more excitement than maybe you are showing about your own wedding. She immediately puts you at ease in front of her camera.


Photo Credit: The Cheesecake Project

On our wedding day, I did not want to sit/stand on a stage for hours, getting photographs taken with groups of people I didn’t even know. I knew I wouldn’t look at those photographs later, and neither would anyone else, so there was no need. I only needed photos of people close to me, and they would anyway be covered during the various ceremonies. So, I didn’t hire a traditional photographer separately to take group shots in Reception. In fact, Amit & I didn’t even sit on that stage for long, and came down instead. And Stuti covered the guests important to us quite well.

The only thing that I miss at times was I didn’t get any wedding video made. No, I still won’t ask you to get a videographer if it means getting it done traditionally. That feels too cheesy to me. And it wouldn’t have made sense because I would have never watched that video more than once.

Stuti made a short 2:06 minute film for us documenting the highlights, and it was just awesome! Get a wedding video made, but hire someone like her, if not her. Or as a cheaper (but still better than the regular video) alternative, you could ask your friends to shoot video shots through their cameras/handy cams, and then get the editing done by a good professional. And trust me, the money you spend will be worth it.


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