Our Wedding – The Wardrobe

This is a continuation in my series of posts about our wedding.

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Most brides take their weddings as an excuse to buy expensive trousseau. But, I see no point in buying a lehenga that would be so heavy that I have to put effort in carrying it, a lehenga in the range of 60,000 -1 lakh that I might not even wear more than once or twice. So, I decided to buy a light, and pretty lehenga, that I could wear on later occasions too. My colour theme was pink and blue because that’s the Kumaoni bridal colour combination, and I love it.

My first option was to get it stitched by a tailor. I found a very nice design on Pinterest that I liked so much that I decided to get the exact design stitched. But, it turned out to be very difficult to find a tailor I could trust to stitch the lehenga perfectly, and on time. With such a limited time on hand (only a month from the wedding), we turned to buying lehengas from shops.

Mumbai was too expensive for my budget. So, we tried Surat (Gujarat) – no luck finding pretty lehengas in my budget range of around 10k. We struck Gold when we looked in Vadodara (Gujarat).

We first visited Amarapur Sarees in Alkapuri. There we found two very nice lehengas. We bought one for 8,000 (This was going to be my wedding day lehenga, but later I wore it on my engagement day), and another one for 11,000 (I wore this one on my Reception day).

We found an even better array of choices when we visited the neighbouring shop Veevaa. We bought my wedding lehenga from here for around 7,000. I even got a little carried away by the great variety of pretty clothes, and bought 2 anarkalis that I had not intended to buy when I stepped in. The collection was value-for-money.


The Wedding Lehenga

Most of the other clothes that I wore were those less-worn, almost new clothes that I already had in my house, or clothes stitched from new cloth materials (those cloth materials you get as gifts) already in the house. So, I think I spent less in this department than most of the brides do these days. 😛


As for footwear, I hate heels. My feet are very sensitive to them, and start paining if I wear them. So, I decided to opt for flats because I would have to wear them the whole day.

And, can you believe it? It was all done in just around Rs. 500. There’s a line of shops in Jubilee garden, Vadodara that sell handiwork sandals, kolhapuri chappals, etc. I went into one of the shops, and bought two very nice and comfortable pair of flats. That’s it!


Picture Credit: The Cheesecake Project


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