Experiment: 1 month : Sugar only once a week

I have a sweet tooth. I love desserts. So, this one is going to be a real challenge for me.

I had decided to try an experiment of limiting sugar intake to once a week for a month (taking inspiration from an article i read, i want to try cutting down my sugar intake).

This means no food with any added sugar. This gets harder than I had thought at first. No bread, biscuits, fruit juice (I used to like drinking the packaged ones), and of course, no desserts. I had also got used to having tea/coffee in office because I feel very cold in the AC. I will have to leave them too.

Only sweet stuff I can have will be the natural sweet fruits.

I began this weekend, but it is tempting to have sweets when being distributed by friends. So, after 3 days of starting this experiment, I have to stop and restart again, because I had sweets today.

Starting tomorrow, I will start the experiment again. This time with renewed vigour.


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