Results of experiment: 1 month : Sugar only once a week


(Image courtesy: Prevention magazine)

This post is late due to a lot of personal problems. But, now that I am back blogging, this had to be the first post before anything else.

My month without sugar started with difficulty, because I have a sweet tooth. But, it got easier as I went ahead with it. In the initial days, I did resort to having raisins (natural sugar was allowed) when I had sugar cravings. But, I didn’t even need those as the days went by.

Maybe, if I had totally left sugars i.e. quit natural sugar too, or I had continued for more than 1 month, there would have been some big noticeable effects. But, I didn’t notice that much of a difference. Except, that towards the end, having more than just a little sugary stuff led me to having a mild headache (not sure if it was coincidence or really due to the sugar). A little sugar was enough as my tongue seemed to get more sensitive to sugar, and lower amounts seemed fine.

What I did get as a solid conclusion of the experiment was it is not impossible to quit artificial sugar from your diet. There are a lot of natural sugar options, and they are healthier alternatives to having artificial sugar. Plus, now I have a little more control on my sugar intake. It gets easier to limit your portions once you get used to not having much of it anyway.

Result of the experiment is that my awareness has increased as to what foods are unhealthy due to added sugar (Who would have thought Namkeen and salty snacks had added sugar? ). Now, I avoid processed foods as they contain sugar, and limited my intake of any food that contains “added” sugar.

Sharing another good read about decreasing sugar intake –  Real ways to eat less sugar


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