Racism in the UK


Racism Picture source: https://resistinghate.org

I have waited around 2 months to publish this post because I wanted to be sure that I wanted to.

Every part of the world has its own set of issues plaguing it. One of them for UK is racism.

You are on the receiving end of racism when someone decides they know all about who you are by your appearance and the colour of your skin. Thankfully, guns don’t seem as prevalent here as in America. All we faced were a string of insults, and an aspersion of being “F***ing blacks”; not the point of a gun.

Many people here do not directly show racist sentiments, although they might have hidden or sub-conscious preferences on treatment of people of different ethnicity. Also, many people are not racist. But, there are many who are outright racist too. You see, you get all kinds of people to interact with daily.

It seems though, after some online reading, that racism is on the rise, and the younger crowd is not so apologetic about it.

There is an Indian couple we know, who came with us to the UK, for an on-site project. They have a 5 year old daughter who doesn’t have any playmates because the neighbour’s 2 kids, a boy and a girl, don’t want anything to do with her. The boy bullies her, and the girl snobbishly declares “I don’t talk to Indians”.

It is a good thing educators are aware of the issue, and are talking about the need to implement Anti-racist curriculum programmes.


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