Dark winter in UK – Missing the sun

Dark evening

3 PM in December

Staying in UK makes you appreciate the sun. The sun that one wishes in India would go away for a while. While India has the problem of “too much sun”, UK has the problem of “too little sun”. I totally get why people staying here celebrate sunny days as a festival.

The days are dark in winter. These days, the sun rises late (around 9 am), and it is already getting dark at 3 pm. The days seem to be so short, and the darkness makes you want to go into hibernation. Even during the day, the sun is not to be seen most of the days, and is hiding behind a heavy cloud cover. Also, the sun never comes overhead. It just goes up and down in one corner of the sky, doesn’t travel across, and never comes up high. So, the part of the day with light is only as light as the evening light in India. I so miss the sun now!

I have understood I don’t like darkness so much. I used to find the idea of living in Norway interesting with 6 months day and 6 months night. Now, I think I may not be cut out for such a life. The darkness can drive one crazy, and into the dark realms of the depression.

Maybe, living in an Indian hill station would be the best thing to do. No dearth of sunlight, yet not such a strong sun. Well, I have 2 more months to go. Then, I could chirpily sing “Here comes the sun”.


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