The white and lavender wedding

church decor

So, I finally attended a Christian wedding wearing a dress. And I crossed it off my bucket list,  but it’s also made me want to attend more of Christian weddings.

The colour theme of this wedding was white and lavender. As you can see in the above picture, the decoration in the church was simple yet beautiful.

My sister and I performed the duties of the Groom’s sisters by attaching favors (the purple rose brooches in photo below) to the guest’s clothes, while also trying to click photographs of all the important moments.

wedding favors

I didn’t upload some good pics here because I don’t like uploading photos online where people’s faces can be seen clearly. But, I loved the pic below because of the happiness that can be seen in the bride’s face.

(looks like their official photographer is annoyed with me. how he’s staring!)

bride arriving at church

The wedding was short and sweet.

The bride and groom exchanged rings, said their vows, and the groom put a mangalsutra round the girl’s neck.

All of us sang prayers asking God to bless the couple. The pastors blessed the couple.

The couple lit the Unity candle, and signed in the Marriage registry in front of two witnesses.

And that was it! No lengthy pooja/ceremony by a priest where you don’t even know what you are doing and why you are doing it.


Then, the pastor gave a short discourse to all of us on marriage, and he also gave some advice to the newly married. I don’t remember each and every word he said, but I am writing down whatever I advice I remember.

  • Include God in your happiness and celebrations, not just in your sadness and problems.
  • When you face any problem in your marriage, turn to God for help. The religious texts are manuals on how to lead your life properly and on how to fill your life with love. (The next point is stated in the texts he said)
  • Do not end your day with a fight. If you ever fight, make up before going to bed the same day. (I love this tip)Bride and groom leaving church

I also love the below photograph of the bridesmaid catching the bouquet the bride threw.

bride's bouquet

The cake was beautiful (and tasty!) too.

wedding cake

wedding cake decoration

A big plus in this wedding was that it was all over by 9 – 9:30 pm. The main wedding was from 4:30 pm to around 6 pm, and the dinner/reception was from 7 to around 9 pm. Everything was punctual. All the guests had arrived on time, and there were no noisy firecrackers.

It was a beautiful experience. I love weddings!! So full of love and happiness. The glow in the bride and the groom’s face is heart-warming.

And I wish the bride and groom all the best for their future, with a life full of love and happiness.


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